Fantastic haulage services in Perth

We are accredited in every sense of the word for haulage services!

Exmouth Haulage has a team of fully qualified and trained drivers for our haulage services in Perth. We adhere to all industry regulations at all times to ensure safety and efficient delivery. Part of our commitment to top quality haulage services is our focus on transparency.


We want to ensure that all customers are 100% satisfied with our haulage services, and that is why we pay close attention to every one of your specific needs. We can accommodate both standard and customised requirements, and consult with you as to which specific service is best suited. Give us a call in Perth today to know more.

WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation

Exmouth Haulage holds WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation issued by MainRoads WA. We are fully compliant in the Fatigue management and Maintenance management modules of WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation.

We possess  all relevant MainRoads WA permits for all of our fleet, some of those held are Oversize Loads and Road Train, among others. By complying with all regulations you can ensure that it is not only your freight that is transported safely but also the safety of the larger community.


We stay in touch with all customers during transportation to ensure that you are not concerned about timing, reliability or safety for your freight cargo. Our team are respected for being in contact at all times, because we want to make it a hassle free and timely experience. To understand why we are the preferred supplier of haulage services in Exmouth, contact us today.

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